£ advance - to order  
Consultation:   Up to 15 minutes   £70
                        Up to 30 minutes   £110
(For Men's Health, see seperate section)
Consultation (not charged if vaccine administered)   £30
Bexsero   (Meningitis B Vaccine. 2 - 3 doses required depending on age)   £170 each
Tetanus/Polio/Diptheria  10Y   £50
(Not licensed for children under 6yrs - Suggest NHS)  
Hepatitis A (if 2nd Hep A is administered within 6 months immunity extended to 20 years)   £60
Hepatitis A Booster   £60
Hepatitis A Junior (1-5YRS) (Valid as per above)   £60
Hepatitis A/Typhoid (Viatim)   £90
Typhoid   3Y   £50
Hepatitis B  (course of 3 needed)   10Y   £50 each
Hepatitis B  (Booster - 1 jab)   £50
Yellow Fever                          10Y   £70
Rabies  (course of 3 needed)         3Y   £70 each
Japanese B Encephalitis  (course of 2 needed)   £100 each
Tick-borne Encaphalitis  (course of 2-3 needed)   £65 each
Meningitis ACWY     £90
Malaria prescription   If other travel vaccines are administered - no charge. If Malaria prescription only required included in £70 consultation fee   £70
Other injections/Vaccinations (includes consultation,  except first Kenalog)  
Kenalog   (hay fever)  (Initial consult £50 extra. Boosters £50)   £50
  £450 for course
                  (3 injections needed at 0, 1 and 6 months. Full course payable at 1st consultation)  
Chickenpox    (course of 2 needed)- Info available   £100 each
Flu          (includes H1N1 "Swine Flu")     £30
Vitamin B.12  (£70 consultation plus £40 for test)  
Shingles (Zostravax)  (Payable in advance - to order)   ( Click here for more information )   £180
Whooping Cough (Repevax)  (children and adults)   £90
Above Pertussis - combined with tet/dip/polio  
Insurance, Driving (HGV/PSV/Taxi) Diving,     £130
Visa/Emigration Medicals     £190
(Routine forms completed as part of assessment included.  
Reports/opinions cost extra, charge is pro rata. Any investigations (blood tests, Xrays etc.) will incur further cost)  
Pre-Employment Medical     £130
Executive health screen with written report.      £350
100 booking fee payable deducted from total amount, non refundable.  
(Patient to fast 10Hrs before appointment - can sip water up until 20 mins before)  
Includes full health assessment, examination, height/weight/urine and ECG (heart tracing).

Tests (charged seperately; you will be advised what is indicated and you can choose which of these and other investigations you want)
Blood Tests - full blood count, blood fats and Biochemistry     £75
Blood type test     TBA
Prostate (PSA, males only)     £50
Thyroid function     £50
Mammogram     TBA
Chest X-ray     £150
Cervical Smear Test   £70
Prices of other investigations can be quoted for  
If above extra's are required outside of a medical, a consultation Fee will be charged  
Mini-Health Screen        £120
Includes basic health assessment, examination, height/weight/Urine, finger prick blood test for cholesterol and sugar
Single vaccines for MMR    
Vaccines are administered from 13 months. Boosters are needed.
Measles     £140
All vaccines are free of Mercury and Aluminium  
Combined Measels/Rubella     £140
MMR (TripleVaccine)     £100
Cosmetic Procedures    
Facial Muscle Relaxant    
            1 area      Women    £195     Men    £245
            2 areas     Women    £245     Men    £305  
            3 areas     Women    £295     Men    £365  
Anti-perspiration auxiliary treatment         £450
         Restylane   0.5 mls       £200       1 ml     £340  
         Perlane      0.5 mls       £220       1 ml     £380  
Mens Health  
This section covers management of Erectile Dysfunction. Premature Ejaculation, Testosterone Deficiency and other matters relavent to men. (For general screening, see screening)  
Consultation: Up to 30 minutes                                    £130
up to 45 minutes £165
Up to 60 minutes £200

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