Consultation:   Up to 15 minutes   £80
                           15 to 30 minutes   £150
(For Men's Health, see seperate section)
Tetanus/Polio/Diptheria  10Y   £55
Tetanus/Polio/Whooping cough*     £100
Hepatitis A       10y   £70
Hepatitis A/Typhoid   £75
Typhoid   3Y         £55
Hepatitis B        (course of 3 needed)   10Y   £60 each**
Rabies        (course of 3 needed)         3Y   £75
Verorab - Rabies  (Unlicenced)        course           £250
Japanese B Encephalitis        (course of 2 needed)   £120 each
Tick-borne Encaphalitis        (course of 2-3 needed)   £70 each
Meningitis ACWY           £100
Meningitis B           £180
Malaria prescription             £10
* This vaccine required for adults visiting new-born babies in North America & Australia to offer protection against
 whooping cough, No single whooping cough (Pertussis) vaccine available.

** If immunity blood test required, 1 month after completion of course: 70

   Consultation charge included if vaccines given. If no vaccines given, £30 charge occurs

Other injections/Vaccinations (includes consultation,  except first Kenalog)  
Kenalog   (hay fever)  
      Initial consult £80- 150. Boosters £60
£60 single dose,
£120 double dose
Gardasil - 9    (cervical cancer vaccine)  Info available   £160 each
(3 injections needed at 0, 1 and 6 months
Chickenpox    (course of 2 needed)- Info available
  £100 each
Shingles / Zostravax           ( Click here for more information )   £200
Flu          (includes H1N1 "Swine Flu")           £30
Vitamin B.12 injection         (£80 consultation fee) plus   £50
Insurance, Driving (HGV/PSV/Taxi) Diving,           £150
Employment           £150
Visa/Emigration Medicals           £190
(Routine forms completed as part of assessment included.  
Reports/opinions cost extra, charge is pro rata. Any investigations (blood tests, Xrays etc.) will incur further cost)  
Health Screen           £420
Includes full health assessment, examination, height/weight/BMI/body fat %, lung function tests and ECG. Allow 45 minutes. Also includes cost of basic blood tests* and , for men, PSA (prostate), and women, Vitamin D3 levels.
Extra blood tests or investigations will incur further cost.
Written report with results and advice.

Cervical screening/smear test (consultation fee extra)

Blood/urine/microbiology tests  
Basic blood tests for Health Screen ( * ): Includes full blood count, liver and kidney function, cholesterol & lipid profile           included
As above without health screen           75
Basic thyroid function (T4, TSH)           £75
Full thyroid function (T4, TSH, T3)           £125
PSA (Prostate)           £75
Vitamin D3           £75
Diabetes management (basic blood tests &HbA1c)           150
Urine infection           £70
Swab/stool for infection           £70
Drugs of abuse (urine)           £100
Drugs of abuse & alcohol (urine)           £130
STD profile (blood) (HIV, Hep, syphilis, gonorhea)           £200
STD profile (blood & urine) (as blood, & chlamidia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trichomonas, gardneralla & herpes)           £400
TB Quantiferon (tuberculosis)           £150
Erectile dysfunction/low testosterone screen  
Consultation (30 - 60 minutes)   £150 - £250
(Basic bloods,HbA1c, testosterone, SHBG, prolactin, PSA)   £350
Testosterone/SHBG   £120
Annual review (Basic bloods, testosterone, PSA)   £250
Nebido (slow-release testosterone injection)   £420

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